We are happy that you have decided to visit Bovec, located in the northwestern part of Slovenia, where Slovenia borders Italy. Bovec is located in the valley where the wonderful river Soča flows. Bovec is surrounded with mountains Rombon, Javoršček, Svinjak, Polovnik and Kanin.  Visitors to Bovec can explore a number of the mountains, enjoy climbing, mountain paths and mountain cycling. Escorted by experienced guides they can enjoy paragliding and admire Bovec and the Soča river valley from the air. Bovec also offers many private museums and historical markers that describe the history of the First World War and how it affected the area.For those so inclined, Bovec abounds with Sport Agencies offering activities such as kayaking, rafting, hydrospeed and canyoning. 

The Kanin Ski Resort offers natural snow, beautiful views and a sunny location. It is expected that during the 2009-2010 ski season a connection will be established with the Italian ski resort at Sella Nevea.  This will assure skiers that even if fresh natural snow is not available, they will nevertheless be able to ski, since Sella Nevea is capable of producing artificial snow. 

Our home, with three apartments, is located in a very quiet part of Bovec, some two hundred meters from the Kanin Ski Resort cable car station.